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This is the wiki belonging to Dash McWayne aka Cheeseboy, and all of the wonderful vandalism across the internet purpetrated by this Internet Legend, including : Grawp impersonation, "Brian Peppers Day" page moves, Barney Bunch trolling and much much more!!! Pages will detail about all of my vandal attacks all over the internet.

Each of my vandal attacks will have a date.

This wiki can also be used as a forum for trolls and wikivandals in general as well. Issuepedia users, Appropedia users, Liberapedia users, Wikipedia sysops, Conservapedia users, Encyclopedia Dramatica and Uncyclopedia sysops (even though non-administrative ED and Uncyclopedia users are welcome and even encouraged to edit), RationalWiki users, furries, hippies, and emos WILL BE BANNED.

Trolls from all over the Internet are welcome here to discuss trolling techniques, ways to evade blocks and bans, brag about their achievement in the world of trolling, and much more.

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