You manage to break free

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and being raped by tentacle vines

Your body is battered and exhausted, but you merely fake passing out, hoping that will fool the Plant Princess. Sure enough, the double-penetration only lasts a couple more minutes before the vines lay you on the ground, releasing you and withdrawing from your nether regions. You moan weakly, closing your eyes almost all the way.

Plant Princess strides over to you, and sneers down at you. "Foolish hussy," she says. "Did you really think you could pose any sort of threat to the likes of me?"

Your eyes open quickly, startling her. Before she has a chance to respond, you leg sweep her, knocking her to the ground. You make it to your feet just as she makes it to hers. She foolishly wastes time making angry faces at you, giving you the chance to deck her and knock her out.

Just then, the police arrive, and it's all they can do to not stare at you. You remember that you're naked except for your mask, and you make a hasty getaway. You've had enough crime fighting for one day, and to your relief, you come home to a working A/C. You luxuriate in a bath before calling it a night, exhausted from your ordeal.

The next day, you wake up refreshed, if still sore from the rape and sodomy you received yesterday. You grimace slightly at the headline in the newspaper:


The paper goes into detail about the whole thing, and you blush at the several paragraphs dedicated to the vine monsters violating you. But fortunately, that's what secret identities are for.

You're already redesigning your costume by the time you're done making breakfast and wondering what other trouble you can get into...


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