Yo Jabba Jabba

From Create Your Own Story

You're some unnamed guy walking around some unnamed slum. You pull out your dulled, unnamed switchblade and sharpen it on an unnamed rock.

I think you get my point. Lots of crap are unnamed.

But when you find an unnamed guy standing on the unnamed ground in front of you, you just know you have to jab him with your unnamed knife. It lets out the joy in you to have the blood spatter on you as you tear through the unnamed guy's unnamed guts. Peaking to the point of you wanting to NAME your currently unnamed switchblade.

So you did.

You called it? Little Jabba.

And if you want an unnamed sandwich, you can't have it, because you suck, and we all know the only thing in the slums is McDarnell's.

But all of these things are beside the point. The point is actually for you to kill more people then this guy, because then you'll be able to name everything in the world. Maybe even you could name yourself.

So go out there and start killing (it's naming!).

Of course you can't just kill things for no reason. You have to intimidate to eliminate. Or you could just end up with someone annoying the crap out of you, in your face, going "BAHONG BAHONG DING-DONG!" or whatever in the world they say these days.

Walking in the slums, you realize there's an obvious knifefight that no human soul could possibly miss... or named switchblade, for that matter.

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