Willie Washington

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You are 13 years old. You have no friends other than your mother. You are in the 8th grade. You wear thick glasses covering green eyes. You are the bastard child of a single mother. You live alone with your mom, who is overprotective of you. You have ginger red hair and a freckle-covered face. You are wearing a white t-shirt with a teddy bear on it and long blue jeans. Your mother picked out your outfit. Your mom thinks this kind of outfit is "cute", but other kids beat you up over it. Willie has an Oedipal complex for his mother, but lacks the balls to act on it.

Jackie, your mother, is a total fox. She is only 28, meaning she became pregnant with you at age 14. Your mother works as a police officer. Sometimes she does undercover work as a prostitute decoy. Your mother has shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes.

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