Whisper sweet words to Toria as you hold her

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"Toria, this is awesome," you murmur. "I could get used to having you in my arms at night."

"I could get used to being in them."

"You're beautiful in more ways than just physically."

"If you're trying to talk me into inviting you to my house for the weekend when school lets out tomorrow..."

"I wasn't, but I accept your invitation nonetheless."

"I'm glad. Time for sleep now."

You close your eyes. You wake at around six a.m. when you feel your cock spurting. Toria's mouth is around it and she's swallowing your load.

She pops up once she's drained your balls fully and licks her lips. "Rise and shine, handsome."

You could definitely get used to being woken like that. After breakfast, Toria kisses you and says she'll be waiting here for you after school to help you with your homework before she takes you to her place.

Her place proves to be pretty standard. Toria grins as she leads you into the bedroom.

"We have all weekend, so we'll do lots together. Want to start by me fucking you from behind,or would you prefer to begin by fucking me from behind?"

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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