While Your Boyfriend Sleeps

From Create Your Own Story

You stare with disgust at your drunkard of a boyfriend. It took only two minutes for him to get you alone in the upstairs bedroom, and less time for him to pass out completely. Now you stand there, wearing your best red blouse and black miniskirt, horny as hell, all thanks to him.

You think back to the night before and recall that you had not even wanted to come to this party. It was being thrown for one of his friends. A graduation party. A party with few people you know. Stacy was here, sure, and her boyfriend Jack. Your older brother was here too. But that was just three people out of at least a eighty.

You look around the room. It is rather large. Maybe even the master bedroom. Quite lavish too, with soft white curtains that looked made of silk. Could almost be romantic if not for your drunk boyfriend.

God, I'm horny, you think to yourself. "Maybe I can at least..." you start to slide your hand down your stomach to the waist of your skirt, but then you stop, rethinking it.

What will you do?

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