From Create Your Own Story

You make your decision, deciding to put on a show for the first day back from winter break. You grab your most showing outfit, a tight, low-cut black minidress that barely covers up everything. You grab your black and pink lace bra and a purple thong. You dress hurriedly, admiring at yourself in the mirror, and adjusting your chest. You straighten your hair and apply make up, and finally finish ten minutes later. You grab your smallest purse, throw in your cell phone, wallet and ke-

Wait a minute. Where are your keys?

Your hand closes around a piece of paper from your mother, which reads...

My car won't start, hope you don't mind if I borrow yours for today.  
Love, Mom"

You swear loudly, realizing that you already missed the bus, which came at six-fifty. You grab your binder and rush down stairs, wondering what to do.

Day 1 Inventory:

Phone, wallet.

Time 7:00
Money $35
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