WAS: Go to sleep

From Create Your Own Story

The next morning you are awoken by a knock on the door. Lyna and Helena have cuddled up besides you while you were sleeping, the heat from their naked bodies is always pleasant to wake up to. You push them aside, not bothering to put any clothes on, you walk across your room and open the door.

The female servant that has been sent to greet you is bowing as the door opens. She rises and freezes from your lewd display of skin. Your massive frame and wicked facial features scare women even when your clothes are on. But now with your bulging muscles and long “sword” on display the messenger girl prays that you are not after her innocence.

Pleased with how you have physically imposed yourself on the poor girl you invite her in for the news. Lyna and Helena gets out of bed for their morning slave rituals. Seeing how the naked slaves, ten times more beautiful than herself serves you by fetching your armor and clothes and strapping them on to your muscular body gives the girl a true feel how dominating you are as she looks at you. Lyna and Helena are both among the most finely bred women, but your tall and majestic body submits them mentally, making them your subjects in every sense of the word. After Lyna and Helena finish up with their morning chore of armoring you they bow down on the floor before you and await future instructions.

“Well, what’s the news?” The girl shakes her head and snaps out of her astonished mindset. “Prince Faust the King wishes you to meet the delegation from Ugarit alone; your brigades will stay here in the Seven Mountains. What a bewildering order by your father, you decide to question the girl. “And why was this order given!?” You raise your voice enough to demand an satisfactory answer. “His majesty said it was the Ugaritan’s ways, he only wants to be polite” The girl shakes and silently prays in hopes that her reply was adequate. Her prayers were answered as you gesture at her to leave your room.

You smell a rat; it’s too risky for a prince to travel the countryside by himself. Especially when he is to meet a high profiled delegation like the one from Ugarit. Maybe you should ask your father in person about this.

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