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I'm writing "An Adventure".

I suggest a genuine adventure story worthy of the title "An Adventure". Since the birth of this idea I've dreamed of a rogue-like character that has no known history but has everything to become. Who he becomes is your choice.

The world is based in a medieval fantasy with dragons, dwarves, trolls(with their bridges), and other mythical creatures that add to the setting. Think of it as a mix of the worlds of Runescape and Minecraft. There is also an additional layer of distant and legendary places. Sky islands, the Dwarven fortresses, and the fabled edge of the world and what lies beyond it. Trading over the sea, sky or land are there for the character to immerse himself in or completely ignore. He can become a thriving tradesman or a pirate of the sky if he so chooses.

The people of the land range from magical to industrious to cultured. All have deep beliefs in myths and fantasies that you can adventure after in attempt to discover. In the surreal expanse there are evil sorcerers and good wizards waging a mysterious war over the continuous good or bad existence of the land. To many they is only a myth.

As this character travels he discovers his name, quests (to either complete or disrupt), and a new world never been discovered before. Hero or Demon. Baron or Pirate. The future is yours to discover and create.

No adventure ends.

I would like one story-line to take him to a city where he finds his way onto a skyship. He works up the ranks, meets a wizard, and becomes a captain that traverses the land and discovers the undiscovered.

Here is a reference to art that nearly perfectly matches the style I'm after >

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