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Hey, Mezzo here.

I am a gamer and all round anime fan.

I love writing CYOA Story's especially in the Adult Section.

I have a pretty obscure way of writing, which is sentences with large spaces.

I may not be the best in grammar or all round writing on CYOA but I am pretty dedicated.

My current stories Include:

Active Projects:

The Adventures of Lustful Lucy - 5 Pages - Loli Story based in Scenarios.

Horny Teacher segment: 7 out 39 projected pages complete

The Not So Innocent Adventures Of Young Children - You play as a phenomenally hung 5 year old boy or an incredibly loose 5 year old girl. - Template:NotSoInnocentStatus

Insanity - A grotesque story of you playing out your twisted fantasies, absolutely no limit. - Template:Insanity

Diary Series: Old Work, but I still admire these Diary series so do not touch.

Mays Diary - Bunch of Short stories based around the Horny Loli girl named May (18+)

Jessicas Diary Bunch of short stories based around a Futanari named Jessica

Old Stories, Made in 2011... Please consult me if you wish to inherit these relic.

Heroes of Pleasure - Medievil set story (18+)

Paradise - Story set on Island done in a sort of Harem style (18+)

Eternal - Story set in a city (18+)

Apocalyptica - Zombie Survival (18+)

The Gamer - a Gaming master story (18)

Time Stopper - A time stopping adult story (18+)

Journey - Journey was originally planned to be my masterpiece but I kind of let it stagnate for 5 or so years so I I'll just let it go.

Deadly Sins - Fight the deadly sins.


I like working on lots of projects and anything I wish to give up I'll mark for deletetion...

I have plans for more and more

I also take requests so just leave me a message!

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