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I take weirdness to the extreme... I'm inconsistent to the point where I can't even be consistent in my inconsistency. I try to be a paradox, and present that paradox in my characters. Dunno if I do it as well I'd like, but I try. I like exploring the themes of freedom/slavery, choice/lack of choice, fate/determinism, and domination/submission. Coincidentally, these interests are perfect for writing fantastical sexual situations, hah.

I contribute, and I like writing, though I probably won't edit another's thread unless there's something huge that I just can't agree to (or the writing is simply cringe-inducing). If you're wondering why I edited your work, that's why.

That said, I don't mind it if others edit my contributions, though let there be a method to your hacksaw. I don't want what I've written to be butchered under some silly prejudice. --Anubite 10:22, 27 November 2008 (PST)

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