Try to get Krystal more in the mood with your tongue

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She starts to struggle again, but you have no problem lifting the skirt over her round ass and bunching it around her waist.

What a sight she is. Her relatively short but shapely legs are completely on display. Krystal has such smooth, porcelain skin. You want to feel and to taste that beautiful skin, but you resist the temptation, and are going to take this one slowly.

Bent over the toilet as she is accentuates her round, pert butt. Her white panties dangle around her ankles and her luscious cheeks are clearly on display. Her futile struggling only makes her ass look sexier. Oh man, you could look at this all day!

"Let me go! Now!" she protests again. Then a stream of what sounds like Japanese cuss words spew from her mouth.

Slowly you take hold of her panties and remove them from her ankles. She yells some more, in a mixture of Japanese and English, as you bind her wrists behind her back with her underwear.

You lean back to admire your handiwork. You have never seen such a sexy sight. Her glorious virgin pussy is on display for you. Her legs are completely bare, except her sneakers, which just accentuate her nudity. Your powerful black hands straining around her ankles highlight her helplessness.

You get down on your knees and push your face towards her honey pot. You get as close as you can without actually touching her, close enough for her to feel your hot breath on her bare pussy.

She stops moving, mortified. She must know that you are close.

You take a long, deep sniff and breathe in her intoxicating aroma. You want to take her now, but you have deliberately slowed down, letting her think about what you might be doing next.

"No. No. No," she repeats as you hold her still for what seems like an eternity.

Eventually, you stick your tongue out and lightly touch her clit. She gasps softly.

"Please. Don't."

You flick your tongue on her clit again, and she gasps again, louder this time. The lips of her labia are becoming visibly moist.

You become more vigorous, licking her little button harder. By the sounds she is making, one might think she doesn't mind. You lick in and around her quivering cunt hole, tasting her juices. Tyrone has always heard that Asian pussy tasted different, but he never knew it would taste so good.

A half hour of you lapping at her muff quickly passes, and she has become more obviously excited. Her verbal protests have turned into moans of pleasure. You can tell that she is close to having an orgasm.

You lick and suck her clit harder and faster. Her panting became louder and more rapid.

And then suddenly you stop!

Just before she can reach her climax, you quickly step away. It is cruel, but you do not want her to cum. Not just yet. You want to leave her there on the bathroom floor, hands bound, on the verge and wanting more.

You let her catch her breath for a minute or two. Then you walk up until you are standing next to her ear. Slowly, but emphatically, you show her your twelve-inch cock. She starts to struggle again.

"No, no," she murmurs again.

You walk behind her again, lining up your rock hard cock.

You rest the head just at her wet opening. The veins on your thick shaft are pulsing with lust, waiting to slide into her love hole.

She feels your invader push ever so slightly into her pussy. She wriggles her butt around, trying to avoid the inevitable. But you do not yield and her struggling makes this moment all the more delicious.

"Don't. Please. No. I'll do anything."

You grab onto her hips and push a fraction of an inch in.

"Ungh! No!"

Her hymen stretches as you continue your entry. You have to push hard just to get your prick head in. She is already feeling so tight, and there is a long way to go.

"Stop! You too big!"

You do wonder if it will all fit.

"I suck you! You stop and I suck you instead!"

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