From Create Your Own Story

Hello Babe. We're going to play a game. A game that allows us to live and act out some of our fantasies no matter what they are! There will be of course absolutely no judging of any kind. I've tried to vary it up a bit from pretty vanilla to completely taboo, so have fun with it. Remember, who you pick will already have or will develop sexual relations with you.

This is a story that you will advance through the week. It is Halloween themed. Each day more of the story will unlock for you. Depending on the choices you've selected will determine how everything plays out. Then at the end of the week, you and me will finish the conclusion to your story on the weekend. Prepare yourself, you'll need to be in character.

You cannot go back and reselect answers. This however is only based on your honesty and your willingness to play the game correctly.

After you have made your decision, you will text me the choice you have made. I will not acknowledge it whatsoever. The next day, after you get off work, the page and options for that choice will be opened up.

Your name is already given to you, however if you would like me to change it, I will allow you to text me a name that you would like to be called.

Are you ready?

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