The Targaryen Girl (Afternoon)

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Robb decided to check in on the last Targaryen. He had heard many a tale of her beauty, but had not yet seen her for himself. The most beautiful girl in the world, some said, and now she was at his mercy... he got hard just thinking about it.

Not having committed any direct crimes against the crown other than being a pretender, Daenerys was not in the dungeons, but simply under house arrest. Protected by several Stark men (the prisoner transfer had already taken place), she had a small room, providing all the comforts a noblewoman could expect without being too luxurious. Robb didn't knock, she was his prisoner after all. To his joy, the Targaryen girl was currently taking a bath. She looked at him shocked as he entered the room and closed the door behind him.

Daenerys was indeed breathtakingly pretty. Her fair skin, barely tanned from her journeys in the east, was smooth and young and flawless. Small droplets of water were running down between her breasts, the nipples just under the water surface. Her gorgeous silver-blonde hair, shiny from wetness, was flowing around her head - but the most striking feature were her eyes, deep purple and big and haunting - they reminded Robb of the stories about Ashara Dayne. A small nose and soft lips rounded the picture of an absolutely stunning girl. Robb couldn't even decide whether to continue looking upon her face or to let his eyes wander lower and admire her round, soft breasts.

"Lord Stark", she said, either just assuming her only visitor would be him or having heard about his appearance. Robb could see her body trembling, she was trying to keep her dignity while being almost exposed to him. A bit like Cersei.

Let's make that a bit harder, Robb thought and said "Get out of the tub."

She looked at him, he could almost see the desperation. She had no shame about being naked, she just hated not being in control and having to humiliate herself like this. After a few seconds, she accepted that she had no choice and lifted herself up, revealing her perfect, smooth breasts completely, her small, hard nipples, a flat stomach, then the soft curves of her hips, neatly trimmed white hair between her legs and a small, pretty cunt. She was absolutely gorgeous.

Robb's eyes were glued to her as she stepped out of the tub, having to open her legs and expose her private parts even more. As she stood in front of him, dripping wet and shivering from the temperature change, he had to fight his desire to just take her right there. Her nipples were getting even harder in the cold air, and the water was forming a puddle on the floor.

Robb considered his options. He was his, to do as he wished. He would have her eventually, but wondered if now was the right time.

Does Robb take what is his?

Robb claims the last Targaryen

Robb just makes her a bit uncomfortable


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