The Demigod Games

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The whole grounds of Camp Half-Blood lay in fire and agony. Kronos has been brought back to life. More powerful than ever, he wins The Battle of the Labyrinth and conquers all. But he decides that he doesn't want to destroy the gods yet. Instead, he wants to torture them first.

Consequently, "THE DEMIGOD GAMES" was created: a fight to the death in an arena. 11 demigods, one from each cabin, will be forced into the games as "tribute." The winner will get to live, as well his mentor/god will. The losers, to state the obvious, will not. There is a reaping where all the tributes are chosen.


PERCY JACKSON Cabin: Poseidon Training Score: 13 Mentor: Poseidon

CLARISSE DE LA RUE Cabin: Ares Training Score: 10 Mentor: Ares

SILENA BEAUREGARD Cabin: Aphrodite Training Score: 7 Mentor: Aphrodite

CHARLIE BECKENDORF Cabin: Hephaestus Training Score: 11 Mentor: Hephaestus

ANNABETH CHASE Cabin: Athena Training Score: 12 Mentor: Athena

TRAVIS STOLL Cabin: Hermes Training Score: 5 Mentor: Hermes

THALIA GRACE Cabin: Zeus Training Score: 9 Mentor: Zeus

POLLUX BROWN Cabin: Dionysus Training Score: 6 Mentor: Dionysus

KATIE GARDNER Cabin: Demeter Training Score: 4 Mentor: Demeter

MICHAEL YEW Cabin: Apollo Training Score: 7 Mentor: Apollo

NICO DE ANGELO Cabin: Hades Training Score: 8 Mentor: Hades

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