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A list of Talk Groups. Thank *Milk Tea* for the idea and Magikarp7297 for originally writing this.

  • Newbie District - Perfect for anyone new to the site to ask questions!
  • General Discussion - A.K.A. the Main Page talk.
  • Creativity Corner - Share how creative you are here.
  • Book Corner - Share anything that revolves around reading.
  • Help Corner - A.K.A. Help Wanted (for stories).
  • Idea Corner - A.K.A. Idea Pitches.
  • Binary Zone - For anyone who can read Binary, knows coding, or anything else a geek would know.
  • Storyteller's Lounge - Tell stories about your experiences with D&D campaigns, how you dealt with a jerk admin (looking at EndMaster from here), or even how your vacation went.
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