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User:Impalalevi1 here. I just wanted to say that I love this story! Kudos to you, Mr. Fletcher Peninsula! Excellent character development, and great use of conflict (The mission to find three girls)! It gives the story direction and focus. Your writing style is also very fun to read, very descriptive. I just love it. Thank you.--User: Impalalevi1

Thanks man. Glad to hear it. Humorously enough I originally wrote 10 girls, but just seeing how large this story has already become with just three victims - 10 victims would just be a bizzare overstretch.User:Fletcher Peninsula

Makes sense. Three girls works perfectly well.

I especially like the bathroom scene, with Karla. All the situations in this story, in fact, are very fun to work with, as a writer.--User:Impalalevi1

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