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You prepare your security guards to board their ships. You want to settle this like adults. You are ready to sign a treaty, one fair for your planet, a treaty that will get the trade federation off your planet, a treaty that will mean a lasting peace. You bring a fleet of one hundred ships. Your crew boards their ship. They accept your into the meeting room. You are suddenly ambushed. Everyone one is down but you. The droids spared you.

"Um..roger, roger. Sir they are down the queen is here," a droid blurts on the intercom.

"This way your highness," the droids take you into their custody, their blasters pointed menacingly at you. It's clear you have no choice but to follow. In minutes, they lead you to a detention room.

"Hands up," one of them orders, and you raise your hands above your head. The droid moves behind you, taking your wrists in its cold, metallic hands. Shackles of tensilum encircle your wrists, snugging tight to your flesh. The droid secures the shackles to a chain you hadn't noticed before, dangling from the ceiling.

"Roger, roger," the droid says behind you, and you feel the slack being taken up until your arms are forced high. Your feet still touch the ground, but the droid moves down your body, and attaches tensilum shackles to your feet as well, spreading your legs wide so that you are completely helpless.

A Neimoidian enters the detention room, and you recognize him as Nute Gunray, the praetor chair of the Trade Federation. If only you had a blaster, this entire blockage might be ended!

But no, that's not the reason you came here. You wanted to settle this matter to the benefit of all, not with blood and death.

"Now Amidala, we will write a treaty," Nute Gunray says, completely disregarding your title.

"Nute, you're a fool if you think the Republic will sit still for this kind of outrage!"

He ignores you, and gestures to the droid who shackled your.

"She must be taught some manners," Nute says, almost sadly.

Without another order, the droid places cold hands at your neck, and grips the collar of your coat. Suddenly, there is the familiar hum of a laser-knife, and you feel as if a cold line if being drawn down your back. The droid is cutting your clothes off! In moments you are stripped naked, your body completely exposed to the cool air of the detention room. Your nipples go instantly hard, and you feel a slight tingling in your groin.

"Now," Nute says, and you notice a slight bulge at his groin. Your Naboo education does not fail you, and you know that Neimoidian's and Naboo can procreate and their genitals are certainly compatible. "Shall we continue our discussion?"

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