TPM: The Jedi Council, with their power and influence it should be over soon

From Create Your Own Story

You arrive at the council. You plead your case, but they refuse to get involved. Most members leave. But around five stay been hide to discuss it more with you. You beg for the Jedi to help. You'll do anything, and you say that. Mace Windu looks at Yoda, then Plo-Koon, then Qui-Gon, then Ki-Adi-Mundi. They all nod.

"Alright your highness, we will help you. Under one condition," Mace Windu pronounces.

"Anything, Master Jedi," you say.

"Anything? Well if you give us pleasure with your mouth on our genitals, it might sooth us enough to help you" Mace Windu says

In other words that was a nice way of saying 'suck our cocks'

Do you:

Star Wars: The Complete Erotic Saga
Padme Amidala
The Phantom Menace

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