TPM: Do nothing and wait for help

From Create Your Own Story

As Queen Amidala of the Naboo, you are devastated by the invasion of the Droid Army of the Trade Federation. You convene with your Counselors who advise you that you have no army or defense. Supreme Chancellor Valorum’s ambassadors were Naboo’s only hope and they have failed in their negotiations assuming they arrived at all.

Standing before the throne room windows, Governor Sio Bibble and Captain Panaka confront you. They want you to disguise yourself as Padme, a handmaiden to the Queen. Also, they want to delegate Sabe to disguise herself as the Queen.

Sabe explains that this is her duty and it has something that she has been training for. She is ready to take on the challenges and you already have a secret code for how to discuss political decisions. However, the ultimate decision is yours?

Star Wars: The Complete Erotic Saga
Padme Amidala
The Phantom Menace

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