Suggest leaving as much food and fuel for Captain Scott as you can spare

From Create Your Own Story

"What good is it going to do us?" you say. "We have depots laid out all the way back. Captain Scott will certainly appreciate some extra supplies."

Captain Amundsen smiles. "A compassionate thought, Helmer. Let us leave some supplies for Captain Scott."

"Any word on Captain Scott's expedition?" you ask Captain Amundsen. He has just sent off his cable to the Press.

"None," he replies. "We beat Terra Nova to the cablehead."

"Breaking news!" the newsboy shouts. "Extra! Extra! Captain Scott found, alive and well!"

You buy a newspaper and read the story. After missing the ship the previous year, the good captain just had enough supplies to make it back to his base. Two members of his group -- Evans and Oates -- did not make it back alive from the South Pole. Scott himself lost a foot to frostbite. but Wilson and Bowers were -- physically -- unharmed, except for all of them being nearly starved to death. After a long recovery, they were picked up by the Terra Nova the following Antarctic spring.

"If it wasn't for some unexpected gifts," Captain Scott is quoted as saying, "we would never have made it back. The food and fuel left behind by Captain Amundsen at the South Pole enabled me to pull through -- barely."

You smile to yourself and head back inside to your house. After a few minutes, the phone rings.

"Hello, Helmer," comes the familiar voice of Captain Roald Amundsen. "I'm very happy I left behind the food and fuel, now. Anyway, I'm planning a drift across the North Polar basin in the Maud, and wanted you to come along. Interested?"

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