Stay and look after the diner

From Create Your Own Story

You tell Pop that you'd be more than happy to look after his diner while he's away. He doesn't know all you really want to do is get rid of him and screw Moose. Pop thanks you again and leaves. You wait for the sound of his car pulling away before you turn back to Moose. If you want to get a good fuck in with some hot foreplay, It's now or never. You take your chances and strip in front of Moose.

"I must be crazy," you say aloud before slowly and seductively dropping your pants and briefs, revealing your partially hard dick to Moose. To your great surprise he drops his pants too, revealing his amazing tool. It's limp but gigantic with a fat shiny brown head starting to get firm and smooth.

Moose looks at you and asks, "So, where do you wanna do it?"

The back room

On top of the counter

Stay in your booth by the window (you want people to watch)

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