Sign the enrolment form

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You reluctantly sign the form. Headmistress Palmer is pleased with your choice.

"There is one thing you should know" she tells you.

Really, she's giving you a warning now you think.

"At Palmer's School for Troubled Girls, we believe in very strict discipline. Let me show you"

Headmistress Palmer orders one of the other girls to come in.

"Andrea, show this girl what happens when you break the school rules"

Andrea turns her back to you and lifts up her shirt, showing deep scars on her back.

You are shocked by this, they actually whip students here

"As you can see, we take discipline very seriously" headmistress Palmer tells you, "but I don't believe showing you is enough. I believe every girl should know what the whip feels like so you're going to get a taste of the lash right now"

Andrea covers her back as two more girls come in, one of them holding a whip. The headmistress introduces her as Mary.

"Take off your clothes" headmistress Palmer instructs you.

You can't believe this, you're being asked to strip naked.

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