Set up a picnic brunch for Yulia

From Create Your Own Story

You head out to a local grocery store and get some bagels and fruit before meeting Yulia in a park near campus. The blonde Russian arrives in her tennis team's warmup suit, but looks cute anyway. The two of you sit on a blanket on a lawn, talking and watching people pass by. Yulia confides in you that she is a little homesick. "This place and these people are so much different from my home. It makes me feel lonely sometimes."

"I know what you mean," you say. "My first year here, I wanted to call my Mum everyday. I also wanted a good curry, fish and chips, anything from home." You take Yulia's hand. "Just remember that there are people who care about you here, too."

Yulia gives you a big hug, then looks at her watch. "Thank you for everything, but I have a match in a bit, so I have to get going." The blonde heads off to the athletic center to warm up for her match.

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