Series 6 - A Humiliating Day at Home

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Condition Tired Apparel and Items: Panties and T-Shirt
Day, Time Late morning
Need to Bathroom Not much
Level of Humiliation None

Katie was tired, but looking forward to the week ahead of her. It was a bit of time into summer, and she was again alone at home. Her parents were out of town, her siblings were across the country, Aunt Jill WAS NOT COMING most importantly. Still, Katie wasn't taking any chances, she stayed inside the house this time, no suntanning outside half naked. Instead she was inside, and just getting her cereal breakfast ready in her normal sleeping wear, her good pair of panties and a t-shirt. She was just finished with putting the milk into the cereal when she heard her doorbell ring. Groaning, and knowing better than not to check the door, she got back onto her bare feet, dealing with the cool tiles, and walking over to the front door. Unfortunately, it had only one window which was heavily blurred, so all she knew was that someone taller than she was was on the other side. She unlocked the door and cracked it open to look outside.

"Hello?" she asked, poking her head out to see two middle-aged men in grey jumpsuits.

"Hello miss, we apologize that we are a little late, but there was heavy traffic. If you could please sign here, we will get started." the man said, handing over a clipboard with a pen attached.

"Umm, my parents aren't home." Katie told them as she took one look at the confusing jumble of words on the paper.

"That's okay, we only need the senior member of the family on site to sign, which means you." the man explained as Katie glanced over the paper.

Katie nodded and signed off on the paper.

"So what are you guys working on?" Katie asked, watching as another van drove up with four more men hopping off of it in the same jumpsuits.

"We are working on the _______." the man told her.

A Humiliating Day at Home - Plumbing That means that the bathrooms aren't off-limits to these guys working by the hour

A Humiliating Day at Home - Re-plastering the Walls Katie will find it hard to find anywhere private in the house.

A Humiliating Day at Home - Bug Infestation Katie needs to leave immediately.

A Humiliating Day at Home - Satellite Installation The installer needs Katie help.

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