Series 5 - Fun fair

From Create Your Own Story

Condition Excited Apparel and Items: White T-Shirt, short skirt
Day, Time Morning
Need to Bathroom None
Level of Humiliation None

"Here we are, kids. The fun fair."

Said Katie's dad to her, Emily and Kevin when they arrived at the fun fair.

"Why are we here again?" Signed Kevin.

"Because Katie wanted to go here." Answered her mother, "Besides, isn't it fun to go on a trip like this?"

"Oh, we are going to have fun... except Katie here, if you know what I mean." Whispered Emily to Kevin.

"Alright, let's get out of the car."

The family walked towards to the fun fair.

"Listen everyone," Said Katie's dad, "It is ten o'clock now. At six pm we come back here again, got it? If you're not here, we will leave you here. You can find out how to come back home by yourself. No exceptions, understood?!"

"Yes." Said everyone.

"Alright, let's have fun."

Katie went to...

The hall of mirrors.

The haunted house.

The fun house.

The dunking booth.

The clown.

The rollercoaster.

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