Series 3 - More Time with Jill

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Condition Relaxed Apparel and Items: Skimpy Bikini
Day, Time Late morning
Need to Bathroom Not much
Level of Humiliation None

Katie was excited for these two weeks, she had been waiting for it for a long while. Her parents decided to take a vacation in Mexico while her brother and sister were busy in other parts of the country with their respective partners. This left Katie all alone with the house, all alone and ready for some major relaxation. She had all of this time to lay back and let out all the stress that the school had left her with. She decided on this first day just to take it real slow and get some sun in the backyard. At first she put on her regular bikini, but she decided to go for less of a tanline and picked out her skimpiest one. Her backyard fence was high and was thick, solid wood. No one would be able to see her unless they really tried to.

Taking out her beach chair and lying back on it, she relaxed and drank in the sun's warmth. At first she got her front side, with only thin straps over her breasts and thong-like bikini bottoms. After a little while, Katie even built up the courage to just take her top off. Again, no one was going to see her like this. Now topless, she felt even more free than before. After some time she flipped over and felt the sun work on her bare back, her toned legs, and thong-clad, large butt. Katie fell asleep there, and only woke up to turn back over and take a deep drink from the lemonade she had by her side. Falling back asleep, Katie awoke back up, surprised to find herself...

More Time With Jill - Handcuffed Naked Outside Her House

More Time With Jill - In Small Panties and a Shirt in a Child's Carseat

More Time With Jill - In a Diaper, in the Backroom of Her Local Grocery Store

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