Robb puts them to good use

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"Very well", Robb said. "Get undressed and lie down on the bed."

He watched their shocked faces. "Milord must... must have misunderstood", Mira stammered. "We weren't sent as... as that, but just as serving girls... we can-"

Robb interrupted her. "You were asked to make sure I have everything I need."

She swallowed. "But, milord, ..."

"I won't say it again", Robb said with a stern look.

They both moved towards the bed, Mira with an expression of worry and shock on her face, Sera with one of surprise and rather pleasant anticipation. He watched as they slowly took off their pretty dresses, then the smallclothes and undergarments to reveal their delicious, young bodies - Mira was pale and skinny, while Sera was more tanned and had more defined curves. They lied down on the bed next to each other with red faces.

Robb stood up and started undressing as well. He still felt the ride in his bones, but he certainly wouldn't let a few tired muscles keep him from having fun with two nubile serving girls.

Nude, he climbed on the bed and moved on top of Mira who watched his erect cock with fearful eyes. He forced her legs apart, then lowered himself between them, guiding his manhood inside her. She winced on contact and let out a little shriek as he entered her. As expected, she still had her maidenhead - not for long of course. Robb tore her open and started thrusting deep inside her, accompanied by her painful moans and Sera's interested - or even aroused - look. She was as tight as Jeyne Poole had been the first time, so Robb knew he wouldn't last too long, despite his exhaustion.

After a few minutes, he pulled out and lifted himself over to the Southerner, who gave him a seductive smile. She opened her legs willingly and even put her arms around his shoulders as he lowered himself onto her. With a sigh, Sera welcomed his cock inside her wet snatch. Robb didn't lose any time and started ramming into her like a wild animal. Her moans got louder, she wrapped her legs around him, and threw her head back to present her lovely neck to Robb, who showered it in kisses.

Not long after, the Lord of Winterfell felt his climax approaching. Deciding that impregnating his own bannerman Gregor Forrester's daughter would be a bad idea, even though he didn't care much for some minor Reach lord's opinion. He just kept plunging into the Southerner and, after a few more thrusts, erupted into her, enjoying the shocked look on her face as he filled her cunt with his semen.

Groaning, he pulled out of the servant and made a shocked Mira clean him off with her mouth. She did so dutifully, taking him in her mouth and running her tongue over every inch of his cock. Once she was done, Robb dismissed the two girls who gathered their clothes and left, closing the door behind them.

Tired, Robb climbed into bed and fell asleep. His dreams shift to his sweet sister.

The next morning


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