Resume boffing the booth babe from behind

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You figure that the best way to make her release her grip on the note is to give her another round of plowing.

Well, perhaps not the best way, but at least one that feels good.

So you start to gyrate against her and stick your hand under her t-shirt to feel up her boob. It doesn't take long for the sights and smells to make you hard yet again.

"Oh no. Are you ever going to stop?" she gasps when she can feel you fill her up again.

"Perhaps. Perhaps not." You focus on letting your tip explore every nook and cranny of her pussy.

"Don't forget about DeeDee. She would love a guy like you," she says.

"What kind of guy am I?"

She bites her lower lip. "A guy who takes what he wants and don't take no for an answer."

You increase your thrusting and pinch her nipple, hard.

"Wait. I guess I was wrong. You don't even ask." She hangs her head down to try to conceal how much her body liked that pinch. But your cock could feel her pussy pinch you right back.

"You're DeeDee's kind of guy," she says. "And she'll like how you can keep on fucking a girl forever."

When she complements your stamina, your cock grows another inch.

"Okay, babe. I'll take your note now." You take the piece of paper and recognize the street name. It is just a short walk. "How will I recognize DeeDee?" you ask.

The booth babe has tears in her eyes. "She's got long red hair with a dyed-black line in the middle," she whimpers. "Now please let go of me!"

"We'll see about that. Now shut up and fucking come for me!" you growl.

Then you focus on getting off. You hammer her without mercy, and she shakes like a rag-doll. You keep up this furious pace until your pecker feels red-hot. Soon she's reduced to a slobbering spasming wreck that is literally pissing out pussy fluids. She's coming hard.

You keep up fucking her until she's done, and when you see her flopping limply, you give it to her. One mighty shove opens her uterus, and then you hold on with everything you've got to stop her womb from pressing you out again. The pressure on your dickhead short-circuits your brain, and you are momentarily reduced to to one big cum-erupting sex organ.

You cum over and over again, even when her insides finally manages to shut you out. By then you've coated her womb with sperm, as you have filled her pussy before, and slowly your spurts subside. Still inside her, you drip sweat onto her back and neck.

Perhaps you're done with this babe now and ready for another?

Health Horny Location:

Carnival Restroom

MP 0
Level 4
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