Pull the pixie off with a circular motion, like you'd uncork a wine bottle

From Create Your Own Story

It takes a while, especially with the intense feeling the pixie is giving your dick head. Also, you try your best to not make it obvious how you're fumbling around in your crotch...

...but suddenly there's a "pop" like the sound a champagne bottle makes, and you have the freed pixie in your hand, oozing splooge all over your palm. Even after a while her tiny belly is grotesquely extended by remaining cum.

Her tongue is lolling, and she can barely move. "Woo... we muscht do that again schome time..."

You quickly wipe your hand using Beckys panties, then let the pixie rest in them until she's recovered and can fly off.

Now that you're freed of the pixie, you could turn back your attention to the still sleeping auburn-haired beauty.

Do you:

Health Horny Location:

A Cheap Bar

MP 0
Level 1
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