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You move it as close to the Sun as possible. At this point, this planet would be the furthest distance from any other planet in the star system. In the brighter (and more sunnier) side of things, it will always be summer in your planet.

The water levels have gone to an all-time low; all but a few have evaporated into the atmosphere. The Biometer levels of the planet are reaching to its extremities that you start to wonder why the Habitability levels are still maintained.

Clearly, this planet's status as of now is very close to the conditions it once had. Yet you notice that the readings still indicate that life is still sustainable even in under these horrible conditions.

But why? You wonder. There are obviously no sign of creatures detected. Possibly some microorganisms, then?

You scratch your head at all the possibilities then you think:

Temperature: 900/1000 Biology:


Atmosphere: 80/1000
Habitability: 7
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