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This will be a mobster/gangster, cops-n-robbers-style story.

Think Al Capone, Scarface, Godfather,Miami Vice or 24.

Will you be the Don of your own mafia family, or will you be a lowly foot-soldier, working your way up thru the ranks, deeper and deeper into the lifestyle of a 'made man'?

Or, will you be the local, state or federal official charged with bringing the crimelords and their empires down, whatever the cost?

The Status Template used for these stories looks like this:

Health  % Equipment:
Money $
Heat  %

(feel free to Cut and Paste this Status Template into future pages, edited as appropriate as a result of actions on your page or pages prior)

Health is shown as a percentage, 100=Full Health.

Respect acts as Experience Points. The more Respect/Experience you gain, the more powerful you become, which affects your Level as well as how you are treated on the streets and in the neighborhoods of the city in which you live. Someone with little or no respect/experience/street cred will likely not survive for long going up against other 'connected' or made thugs, business owners, or even average citizens on the streets.

Level is your level of influence within the Family. The stages/levels of influence you might climb in your time in under the tutelgage of the mob family are:

Outsider: 0 - 10000 Respect Points

Soldier: 10001-25000 Respect Points

Capo/Captain: 25001-50000 Respect Points

Lieutenant: 50001-100000 Respect Points

Underboss: 100001-200000 Respect Points

Don: 200000+ Respect

Heat is the amount of Police Presence brought upon yourself and the Family by your actions or inactions in the name of the Family. Also a percentage, the amount of Heat against you should have a direct affect on the likelihood of you being arrested if you are found wandering the streets outside Family-protected neighborhoods.

Money is, of course, another goal/scorecard amongst the rank and file of a mob family. The more money, the more respect, the more power you can buy... or at very least, rent.

The higher your Respect Level, the easier it should be to make Money and to influence your Heat Level, through bribes or 'other means'. At the same time, the bigger the fish, the more rewarding the catch for some lucky local, state or Federal officials. Low-level thugs, Outsiders and Soldiers are at greater risk of arrest, but are easier for the Family to 'cut loose' and forget about as small fish. Higher-level Family members know more deep, dark, dirty Family secrets, thereby becoming more valuable to both Family and Law Enforcement officials.

In the world of the mobster, criminal actions are inevitable; which means, police investigation and Heat are inevitable. Care should be taken when crafting your tale to allow sufficient time and distance between crime-sprees so as to keep the Heat low while you make your way up the ranks of the Family.

Your main objective may (or should?) be to move UP the chain of influence, although holding fast as a loyal Soldier or Capo may be lucrative and fulfilling as well. Loss of respect from higher levels of influence = loss of face for the Family, which may well ultimately lead to loss of your life. One does not get to become Don of one's own branch of a mob-family tree by being disloyal or disrespectful of the Family who takes care of them. If you want to be a street thug, don't attempt to climb the ranks; go too far and there's no turning back!

Remember: Following Family orders, even including the execution of 'criminal acts' should EARN Respect in the Family. Disrespectful actions or inactions should cause a LOSS of Respect. If you commit so many random criminal acts with no regard for the Family, you should lose face and standing in the Family, resulting in demotion and/or death as a hit should be ordered against you by the Don of the Family you have disgraced.

Of course, there may be stories to be told of the capo or lieutenant who rats out the Family to the Feds, the raids, court dates, trials, witness protection....

anything goes! So, let's go!!

My story starts in 1920 Chicago, and will run until I get tired of writing, or you get tired of updating. Hopefully, I will keep it going and flowing through all the noted ages and eras, from 1920s Chicago to 1940s New York, to Miami from the 60s thru the 80s, and finally to modern-day Los Angeles, if not beyond... perhaps Mobsters In Space!!??

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