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You're going to cover your mother's perfect ass and back with your cum. It's too enticing not to. You work up your reserve of seminal fluid as you pump her lovely cunt, edging yourself ever closer to your peak.

Your mother moans and clamps down on you. You don't know how, but your mother's snatch just became ten times better. It feels a lot hotter and tighter around your pecker. It's unfair! You're not going to last long like this.

“Mom!” You gasp as you pull your meat out of her now gaping hole. She falls back onto her hands as you rip the condom off and work yourself over her ass, the both of you gasping for breath. You grunt as you cum, your hand working your glan to squeeze out as much baby batter as possible. You shoot your thick wad all over your mom's ass and back as you pump yourself. You finish by dick slapping your mother's jiggling butt with your limping cock. You collapse sideways onto your bed. Your mother catches her breath and mutters something about taking a second shower as she towels herself off.

“So, how was it?” Your mother asks.

“It was awesome.” You answer her with a smile. “Thanks again, Mom.”

“Yup.” Your mother chirps. She cleans up, collects her things and peaks out the door before exiting your room. You jump into the sheets still taking in her lovely scent, wishing that she was still here. You don't know what the future holds, but you're glad that you two made love...

You open your eyes to the sound of passing cars. You must have fell asleep. You blink and look at the clock. It's 6pm. Time to find something else to do...


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