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This is a fan-fiction version of each of the Lord of the Rings books, told from the first person (not omniscient) perspective of one of the main protagonists. Each choice represents an opportunity for departure from the choices made by the main character in Tolkien's books. In each case, the first choice is the option taken by the character in the book. In this way, the reader can decide when they want to deviate from the story in the book, while enjoying the story from a slightly different perspective.

If you edit this wiki, please create a new choice at one of the existing choices. From that point on, you should only create your own choices - you should not "re-join" an existing story. As you add additional follow-up options in your story, others may edit your pages as well (by adding options).

To avoid having ads on this free website, the administrator has wisely set a throttle on page refresh rates. That means you can't quickly click through this (or any other) story. If you are reading each page and carefully considering each option, this should not be an issue at all. Just be warned, if you are moving too fast, you may see the following message:

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The War of the Ring - your way

As indicated above, each story has a different main character. You will control the keys decisions that character makes, only knowing what they know. In some cases, this requires inventing main story ("Tolkien's Path") details that are only alluded to in appendices and other Tolkien writings.

Gandalf watches over the ringbearer and leads the expedition to destroy it in The Fellowship of the Ring.

Aragorn attempts to rescue Merry and Pippin and liberates Rohan in The Two Towers.

Frodo sneaks through Mordor, destroys the Ring, and liberates The Shire in The Return of the King.

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