It's your first date. Take things slow and just cuddle

From Create Your Own Story

"Let's not rush things," you murmur. "It is a first date."

Kellie wraps you in her arms.

"Good idea, Belle."

She puts her lips right up against your ear and lowers her voice to where even you can barely make out her words.

"You make a gorgeous girl, Brandon."

You keep your voice equally low. "So you know."

"I wouldn't have. But Val told me this afternoon. She didn't want me to go on the date under false pretenses."

Kellie kisses the sensitive spot just under your ear.

"She also told me you like being bent over and fucked. I know I'm lesbian, but if you dress as Belle and let me fuck you and for variety tongue my pussy, it'll be just like dating a girl... a very pretty one."

You blush. Thankfully it's dark.

"That's very sweet of you, Kellie."

She presses against you and gives you a gentle kiss. "You're charming, Belle. Now just relax."

You spend the evening snuggled against Kellie, kissing occasionally. Some of the couples do like you two: the majority of them get active. Next to you Val and Megan 69 for an hour and a half before running out of energy.

When everyone packs up, Kellie drives you home. "Want to spend all of next weekend with me, Belle?"


Friday rolls around, and you finish your homework quickly. Your parents have been informed. You come home and Val turns Brandon back into Belle.

You get a call from Kellie. "I just realized we forgot to say whose house you'll be at, Belle."

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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