Invite them in for a foursome

From Create Your Own Story

The boys eagerly accept, wasting no time stripping down to nothing. You slowly take off your clothes, playing with you nipples and beckoning them to come over. The boys are immediately with you on the ground, when you notice their massive cocks and smile. You have one at your ass, Jason, one at your already-dripping slit, Mike, and one at your mouth, Cody. You grab Cody's erect cock and begin to suck on the head, queuing the other two to begin thrusting rapidly into you, causing you to gasp and yelp in pleasure, the sounds muffled by the cock you are now deepthroating. The boys are nibbling at your nipples and the nape of your neck, and Cody, who has proven to have little stamina, has already came twice, and now is sitting on the bed watching. Goddamn Cody. The screams of pleasure you were holding back escape your lips as the boys fucking your two lower holes hit sensitive spots, sending you into an insane orgasm that has you in spasms of ecstasy. The boys continue to fuck your holes, eventually making your asshole and cunt so sensitive that you are sent into one continuous orgasm, tightening around them as they shoot hot cum into your holes.

Afterward, do you:

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