Invisible/Guy: Introduce Myrtle to a yet greater pleasure

From Create Your Own Story

You remove your face from Myrtle's box and adjust your position so that you can put your pecker where your tongue just was. "If you liked that, this will feel even better," you whisper. You spread Myrtle's legs and pull her to the edge of the desk, unbuttoning her shirt and removing her bra as you do so. You rub your invisible cockhead against her pussy lips, lubing yourself up with her juices, before moving forward a millimeter at a time. You feel her hymen resisting your intrusion and with infinite gentleness, you press forward until it gives way. You ease your way in, very slowly, until you're in to the hilt.

"It hurts," Myrtle whimpers.

"It always does, the first time," you say softly. "But soon it will feel wonderful." You move with the grace of a cat and the patience of a stalking chimpanzee as you slowly, very slowly, build a rhythm. Soon Myrtle is smiling.

"That does feel nice," she husks. You continue to make gentle, tender love to Myrtle. It isn't long before she climaxes. Her box, tight to begin with, clamps so firmly around you that you wonder for an instant if you'll ever be able to pull back out. You use every ounce of will power you have not to cum right then, but you're on the edge. The last thing Myrtle needs is to get pregnant, so you pull out and cover her ample chest with your sperm.

"Feel better?" you whisper in her ear.

"Yes," she purrs, with a satisfied smile. "But now I'm really late for class."

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