High Voltage/Go to SleepQ

From Create Your Own Story

There might not be any easy way to change back. I shut the computer screen and fell backwards onto the bed. This was not the life I pictured for myself; I needed to figure out a way. That would have to wait until the morning. I lifted myself up, put the computer away and shut off the lights. I got underneath the covers and tried to fall asleep.

Sleeping on my chest was impossible, my chest seemed to get in the way. Sleeping on my side was distracting, my smooth legs kept rubbing against each other. I flipped onto my back and tried to fall asleep.

Waking up the next morning was rough. It was 10AM and I had already slept through my two classes for the day. "Shit!" I said, when I realized I never set an alarm. I stumbled out into the common area to get some water to drink and I returned to my room.

I shed my clothes from the previous night and started looking for a new outfit. I soon remembered that I had to work from 1-8, and looked for my work uniform: jeans and a black scoop neck tee shirt. It emphasized my cleavage, but I worked at a sports bar, so it was to be expected.

When I was done getting dressed, Shawn had sent me a new text message, "Come by when you get out of work tonight."

I replied, "Ok," and then I remembered Elianna mentioning how Lauren had thought Shawn was cheating on her. I had a few hours before I needed to go to work. Maybe I could check up on him.

Should I:

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