High School Sophomore Year

From Create Your Own Story

A year and a month has past uneventfully for you.

It's about a month into your sophomore year of high school and things are going pretty good. You have good grades, a few friends in every niche, and a talent for making people (girls, especially) like you. But you decide it's time for a change in pace. You feel like you should make a bit of a name for yourself amongst the girls at your school. Certainly, freshman year was mediocre at best, but you've picked up some tricks over the years (and from having a few girlfriends) but now your ready for some real fun.

It's Monday morning and your alarm wakes you out of bed. You groan and check the time before pulling yourself out of bed and get ready to go to school. You check the time when your done and see that if you book it, you'll be able to catch the bus, or you could wake up your dad and have him drive you in to avoid the rush.

Do you:

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