Grey Wind takes her from behind

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Robb nods to Grey Wind, who understands immediately. Giving an appreciatory bark, Grey Wind mounts Sansa. Sansa gasps as this huge dire wolf, who is almost as big as she is. presides over her. She feels his hard cock against her ass and quivers.

"This is what you wanted Sansa," Robb says, walking behind his sister, "Complete domination. Do you feel helpless? Does it turn you on?" Sansa had to admit that this situation was making her extremely wet.

Maybe I do want this, Sansa thought, however her train of thought was cut off by Robb lining Grey Wind's enormous 12 inch dick up with Sansa's moist cunt. Gently, Robb guided the erect monster into his sweet sister. Once in, Grey Wind took over, rapidly humping his new mate. Sansa screamed as her virginity was taken in one swift thrust. The wolf fit more and more of his length into Sansa with each thrust, and soon enough he had buried 8 inches in her. All the while, Sansa was screaming in pain.

I need someway to silence her before she alerts the whole castle, Robb thought, before having a brilliant idea. Her walked back in front of Sansa and started to unlaced his pants. Sansa had screwed her eyes shut, so she didn't notice Robb's cock until he shoved pressed it against her lips. Upon seeing it she gasped, giving Robb the opportunity to thrust into her mouth.

"There you go," Robb said, muzzling his sister, "Now suck on it like a good little whore." Sansa complied, despite the pain, and began to bob up and down on his shaft. She knew the basics of cock sucking from Sera, one of her servants, but had never put her knowledge into action. Trying to please her brother, she swirled her tongue around his shaft, all while Grey Wind continued to pound away.

"Enjoying yourself Grey Wind?" Robb asked, scratching his companion behind the ear, "Better than the strays you've had before, I imagine." Chuckling, Robb looks down at his sister. "Not bad, but I think I'll take it from here." With that, her grabs Sansa's hair and begins to thrust in and out of her mouth. Sansa gags on his cock as he brutally facefucks her. In and out Robb thrust his cock, Sansa's saliva splattering onto his balls.

Sansa was in quite the predicament. Grey Wind had gotten 10 inches into her and Robb was forcing his way down her throat. And she loved it. The pain Grey Wind was causing was swallowed by the pleasure that overtook her. She adored being used on both sides, by humans and animals alike. She moaned on Robbs cock as Grey Wind continued to thrust into her, almost to the hilt.

"Someone's finally started to enjoy themselves," Robb commented, fucking his sisters face harder. In responce, Sansa began to thrust back into Grey Wind, meeting his thrusts. All this was too much for Sansa, and she finally came, screaming on Robbs cock as she coated Grey Wind's penis with her juices. This extra lubrication was all the dire wolf needed to push his entire 12 inches into Sansa. With a howl he knotted with her and came, filling her womb with doggy sperm. While he came, Grey Wind continued to thrust into Sansa, ramming his cock as deep as possible into Sansa. Some cum leaked out of Sansa and pooled on the sheets below her.

The sight of his sister being filled with wolf sperm was all he could take, and grunting he came down his sweet sister's throat. Load after load went into her from two sides, and she felt like she was going to burst. This was too much for Sansa to handle, and she passed out, a smile on her face.

Exhausted, Robb pulled out. Grey Wind collapsed ontop of Sansa, still knotted with his mate.

"Good Boy," Robb once again praised, petting his friend, "You truly are a Stark." Robb then lay next to his sister and fell asleep, his sister still tied up. After a half hour or so, Grey Wind's knot shrunk, and he left, leaving Sansa leaking cum.

Are they found by anyone?

They are found

Nobody finds them.

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