Good son: A threeway with a beautiful whore and a hot guy with big dick

From Create Your Own Story

You know your door is open and you don't care as you close your eyes and start to fantasize that you are starting to fucking a slut with medium sized tits and huge nipples. You imagine your dick is taking her pussy hard as you slowly pull out, then ram it in as hard as you can. With your free hand, you start to push one of your fingers in your ass and pretend it is a massive dick slowly working its way deep into your asshole. You moan out loud as you shoot your load and feel your asshole spasm around your finger. As you release your finger from your asshole you notice a shadow from the hallway moving away from your partially opened door. You quickly pull your trousers up and look outside, but whoever was watching you is already gone. You should be more careful in the future.

After getting dressed, taking a shower and eating breakfast you leave for school. How do you get to school?

good son: take the bus

good son: walk to school

good son: skip school and stay home

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