Go to the laundromats where nobody comes?

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Clothed and Overheated

You cannot stay and become a roasted chicken in your inferno of a house. You throw on a sundress. Forget your panties and bra; they're already covered in sweat. In fact, you could wash them with the rest of your clothes. You scoop them up and throw them into the bag with the rest of your dirty clothes.

The laundromat, when you get there, is empty, which means you have the pick of the machines. You throw your dirty clothes in.

You buy some detergent. Before you put it in the machine, you decide to throw your dress in with the rest of your stuff. You take it off and toss it into the washing machine, add the detergent, and turn it on. You aren't worried about being naked. You've been here several times, and you've never seen another person. In fact, when you think about it, you wonder how this laundromat stays in business.

Then you grab a magazine and settle down to wait.

What happens next?

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