Go to the art museum?

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Status: Naked & In The Shower

As you shower, you remember that the local art museum has a new sculpture exhibit that sounded interesting. It made some people upset, but you don't remember why. It's not the sexiest place to go, but it will get you out of the house, and the museum is well air-conditioned.

After showering and drying off, you throw on a tank top and some terrycloth short shorts, not bothering to put a bra or panties on underneath them, socks and sneakers, and you're on your way!

After browsing the museum for a bit, you come to the new sculpture exhibit, and you want to gasp. In the center of the exhibit stands a magnificent lifesize bronze sculpture of a male warrior standing proud. At least you think he's a warrior, since he's not wearing armor - or anything else. The sculpture is beautifully crafted, looking not only lifelike, but the face and body are the hunkiest you've ever seen. No movie star or athlete has a body or face that sexy! What really gets your attention, though, is that the sculpture's cock is fully erect and huge. No man you've ever been with or vibrator you've ever used could possibly be a match for that!

Staring at the statue is making you horny. Your nipples, already erect from the cold, are stiffly poking through your tanktop and you feel a growing eager wetness between your thighs at the thought of that bronze cock in you.

Nobody else is around - not even a security guard. All that's keeping you from it is a velvet rope. What do you do?

What do you do?

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