Go streaking; what do you have to lose?

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked & Overheated

You get in the shower and turn on the water all the way cold.

It cascades on your naked body and wakes you up a bit. You wash off and then turn off the water and get out. You still haven't thought of anything to do and you are really bored, not to mention hot. An idea hits you.

You have always wanted to go streaking. It has always sounded really fun and dangerous. What's to stop you now?

You run outside, locking your door on the way, and jump in your car, fully naked. You can't believe you're doing this.

You put it in gear and drive off. You roll down the windows and once you pick up speed the cool air hits you full on and your breasts are bouncing up and down like mad. You reach your destination, the shopping mall and turn off your car. You're actually going through with this.

You get out and lock your car. The asphalt is hot on your feet. You slip your car key under a tire and look around you.


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