Go get a closer look at the bodybuilders

From Create Your Own Story

You resist the temptation to pull Reggie down onto the sand and fuck him then and there.You decide you want to see what all the fuss is about these bodybuilders. You can't believe that they're all gay but sure enough you see people making out and feeling each other. You start to go hard. You look over at Reggie in his Speedo and see that he has a hard-on as well. It's so difficult for you to take your eyes off of his package.

After you finally stop drooling over Reggie you walk over to the body builders and strike up a conversation. Before you know whats happening more people have come over to you and reggie and you're now fully engaged in an orgy. So many hands are grabbing every part of your body. You reach out and grab an excessivly big dick and start deep throating it. Thinking about the size of the cock in your mouth and looking at all the hot men sucking and fucking causes you to get harder than you ever thought possible. Your cock starts throbbing and you know need to cum soon.

You start fucking someone in the ass and you can't even hear your cries of ecstasy over the moans of everyone else. You keep going harder and faster until eventually you cum. People all around you are cumming as well. You feel you might be drowned in an ocean of semen. You are so glad you went to the beach today.


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