Go ahead and "more actively make out."

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"Making out is good," you giggle.

Kellie gives you a soft kiss, then a deep one. You twine tongues.

She covers up with the blanket, then slips off her shirt and bra. You kiss through her cleavage, then suckle her nipples.

"Mmmm, Belle. You're good at that."

Kellie removes the remainder of her clothing. You kiss your way down until you're tonguing her pussy. She moans softly, then more loudly as you speed your motions. You keep going until she gushes.

"That deserves a reward."

Kellie rolls you onto your stomach. You get the hint and pop your ass up in the air. She's already got her strap-on lubed up. She flips up your skirt and pushes your panties aside.

"Val told me you like this, Brandon... or if you prefer, Belle," Kellie whispers. "I would never have known if she hadn't mentioned it. You make a gorgeous girl."

She's gentle as she pumps into you. It's lovemaking, not fucking. The stimulation gets you hard, and when her toy starts hitting your G-spot, you feel like you're about to cum. She keeps thrusting until you make a sticky mess of the front of your panties.

"Kellie, that was wonderful," you whisper, as she cleans the toy carefully and the two of you dress. You lie under the blankets as she holds you, relaxing.

"Let's spend all of next weekend together," she whispers. You agree. After you finish your studying on Friday afternoon and Val makes you back into Belle...

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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