Fuck the sister senseless

From Create Your Own Story

You kiss her and force your tongue into her mouth as you start thrusting against her. She keeps making protesting noises, but you muffle them so the mother won't hear anything. You keep raising and lowering your hips, working her brother's cock in and out of her box. She struggles feebly but her pussy seems to be enjoying the attention, growing wet and slippery even while she's fighting you.

You soon find yourself breathing heavily and have to break the kiss. She's gasping for breath and unable to shout for mother.

"Brandon...," she says. "Please. If you... have to do this... Please don't cum in me... Don't make me pregnant... Please..."

Her vaginal walls spasm around your cock, then clench up tight. She's climaxing in spite of herself. She squeezes her eyes shut and her face flushes with pleasure. The feel of her orgasming around you is too much for you.

Do you:

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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