Forget the teasing foreplay and position yourself in a 69 with Ashley

From Create Your Own Story

"I want you," you whisper to Ashley.

"Then take me, Daisy," Ashley husks. You lie down and Ashley lowers her slit to your lips. You kiss along it and Ashley leans forward to taste the honey that has leaked onto your skin. Her tongue slides inside you and you greedily drink her nectar as you tease her clit with a finger.

You lose yourself in a sexual haze. Ashley seems to have an endless supply of ambrosia and her tongue is driving you wild. You can't count how many times you flood her face. Finally, the two of you untangle and lie next to each other. Ashley pulls you into her arms. You wrap your own arms around her lithe frame and snuggle her tightly as you draw the covers up around your bodies. Both of you relax and your eyes close for just a moment...

You hear a friendly male voice. "Hello, girls." Your eyes open and you see two men in the room. One of them is your father.

"Hello, Dad," Ashley giggles, addressing the second man.

"We'll let you get dressed in peace," your father says with a laugh. "But Mr. Duruma wants to know if you want to come back and have dinner at his house and spend the night with Ashley in her room."

"Or you two could spend the night here," Mr. Duruma chuckles. "But Ashley's room is more luxurious. And her bed is larger."

You look at Ashley. "Either is fine with me," she purrs. "It's up to you, Daisy."

You are possessing:
Blonde Girl
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