Find some condiments for round 2

From Create Your Own Story

Before she can react, you jump up and race to the fridge, making no attempt to hide your pants tent. You throw the door open and grab the nearest bottle, chocolate syrup, and turn. The mother has followed you into the kitchen, still dripping soda everywhere, and barely has time to move before you send a stream of brown her way. Your aim is perfect, and it lands right in her cleavage, forming a small pool of chocolate where her tits are pressed together.

For a brief moment she seems to consider stopping you, but you've already picked up the ketchup, and she decides to retaliate. She lunges forward, trying to knock you aside and get something of her own, and before you know it she's sprayed whipped cream in a wide arc, making more of a mess of the kitchen than you.

"Oh no you don't," you declare before lunging at her again. You knock her over and the two of you fall to the ground, the whipped cream now in your hand. As she lands on her back and giggles with anticipation, you pin her shoulder to the ground underneath you, already planning your next move.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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