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Hello and welcome to the Adventure called Element.

So let me give you a small rundown on what this is.(Please read if you haven't been on this before, but its pretty straightforward)

This Adventure is not really an adventure. But more or less like a Turn-Based game, like Pokemon, except simpler and you don't capture anything. In Element there are fighters which you must defeat in order to become the champion. Each having there own element of choice. You though, have learnt every single element there is (4 for now). But you can only use one element every battle, according to the rules.

How to play:

Before each battle you must decide what Element you wish to use for this person. Be careful when choosing though, as certain elements may be weaker than in others. During the battle you have four moves, all of which you can only use once during the fight. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you may stun the opponent giving you the chance to do a Super Move. Your health is only a simple 100.

If you have trouble with what moves to use, go to the Element Move List and everything should be fine.

Okay! Now you've read the How to guide. You should be able to go on your first battle. Every battle is right here below. To save time in case when you have to stop playing and come back later.

(Note: I've only recently started this project and each battle takes time so please be patient if you manage to finish the first battle quickly)

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